With her debut album ‘I’m Doing It’ slated for a July 31 release, E^ST has unveiled one final single before it’s big release, and it’s her boldest pop moment yet.

‘I Wanna Be Here’ is a very special pop track that encourages you to embrace a sentiment of hope in your darkest moments. It’s something that isn’t easy to do while stuck inside your thoughts but it is something that is very important to do because life is worth living and is worth fighting for. 

“I don’t really feel that much right now. I wish I could change that up somehow. I wanna feel like I’m flying. I’ll just keep on trying everything now until I don’t wanna die, and I wanna be here” she sings during the candidly honest chorus. 

But one of the song’s most beautiful lyrical moments is found during the first verse where she confesses; “I’m tryna find the magic in being me. It’s not that easy”. Anyone that has struggled with mental health will feel this in their very core. 

Contrasting the heavy emotions and the hopeful sentiment with an upbeat and euphoric production, she channels an energy that is reminiscent of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’. With a similar key progression during the chorus, she tackles an unconventional pop structure which is very DIY and exciting to listen to.

Exploding with a big synth breakdown, there is a pure euphoria that exudes every bit of hope you need to keep fighting in your own personal battles. 

‘I Wanna Be Here’ is the perfect pop song for E^ST to release right now and to lead into her debut album with because it’s vulnerable, honest, beautiful and a bonafide anthem.  I’m OBSESSED!!