SINGLE REVIEW: Amy Shark – Everybody Rise

Amy Shark’s debut album ‘Love Monster’ was a career defining moment that has changed her life forever. The bold collection of tracks heard the Gold Coast singer-songwriter opening up about love, heartbreak and personal anxieties in a candid nature while also delivering smooth pop hooks. 

After turning a fresh page to begin a new chapter, the ARIA Award winning artist has finally released the lead single from her highly anticipated sophomore record. 

‘Everybody Rise’ is an anthemic pop song that packs a huge punch with it’s crisp sound. Produced by Joel Little, the song takes this bold approach that makes it sound like a Taylor Swift cut. Structurally, it’s a very grand pop song, and is targeted towards all the commercial radio stations that started to embrace her with ‘Adore’, ‘I Said Hi’ and ‘All Loved Up’. 

While the song sounds very anthemic and euphoric, the lyrics lack that emotional drive and connection you desperately want and need. 

Reflecting on how as a society we build idols through social media that become almost untouchable, this song is all about the rise of ego’s. The strong concept is there, but the execution is a little vanilla. It’s very surface level and sadly doesn’t dive any deeper than that. 

“Everybody, everybody rise for you. Everybody, everybody cries like I do. We all wonder what it’s like to be, with you, with you” she sings during the chorus. 

I expected a bold defining moment from Amy Shark with ‘Everybody Rise’ and it just doesn’t totally live up to the expectations. In saying that, the production is immaculate and that does make me pretty excited to hear what’s next.