ALBUM REVIEW: The McClymonts – Mayhem To Madness

Always finding a raw sincerity within their words and harmonies, The McClymonts have continued to impress listeners over the years by speaking their truth and delivering polished country-pop songs full of warmth and heart.

Their aptly titled sixth studio album ‘Mayhem To Madness’ hears the sister trio opening further up about relationships, heartbreak and motherhood, while also continually delivering that country music and storyteller magic. 

Opening with ‘Part Time Phase’ they launch straight into the bold country-pop melodies, and give you a song all about the complications of love. At the end of the day love isn’t easy and it’s never meant to be. It’s okay to fight, and disagree in moments and they make sure that people know that through this playfully honest track. 

“So yeah we fight, and think the other is crazy. We might lose our heads, but baby we’re alright. We sometimes lose our way” they sing during the chorus before confessing “It’s only a part time, over me kind, want me out of your life phase”. 

Stepping into the self-empowerment territory, ‘I Got This’ is a song that could easily belong on commercial radio. With lyrics like “I tell myself that I got this. I try to smile when I lose it, cause I know I’m only human. And I got this, I got this, I swear I do”, you can’t help but feel warm when listening to it. 

‘Free Fall’ and ‘Looking For Perfect’ are classic country-pop ballads that then transition into the upbeat country-pop stylings of ‘Open Heart’ and ‘Lighthouse Home’ which will be favourites for longterm fans. 

However one of the albums strongest moments comes from the tenderly raw ballad ‘Wish You Hell’ where the storytelling side shines as Brooke puts herself in the shoes of a scorned lover. Embodying all the raw emotions of being cheated on, she gives you the sassy lyric “I hope you treat her well and I wish you hell” in the most beautiful delivery possible. 

The ten track album hears them delivering nine original new songs, but they have also included a cheeky little cover for good measure. Tackling Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Little Lies’, they’ve translated their live cover that they’ve been playing for a few years to cohesively fit on this record. They haven’t altered the production too drastically to ensure that they were staying respectful to the iconic rock group, and it’s very tasteful. 

Always making sure that their albums are short and punchy, ‘Mayhem To Madness’ doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. It’s a strong collection of tracks with a lot of heart and soul, as well as a lot of playful production that will be really fun to see on the live stage once restrictions lift.