SINGLE REVIEW: Thomston – April

Thomston has always given us candid vulnerability through his anthemic songs that hold so much emotional intimacy. Through falling in love, toxicity and eventual heartbreak, he’s taken us on a explorative journey of emotions that feels very all-rounded. But his new single ‘April’ tackles heartbreak in a whole new way and it’s so captivating. 

Reflecting on knowing that a relationship was slowly dying, he plans out a break-up while battling with his inability to follow through. It’s a side of break ups that we don’t usually hear about, and it’s something that feels so refreshing to hear. 

“By mid-March we were on the run. We were escaping from our issues, they were catching up.Us against the world, till it turned to one another. And we dragged each other under” he vividly describes during the first verse. 

Detailing the downfall of emotions, he outlines the eventual end during the chorus. “I promised more than I should. Gave you more than I was able. But I will love you ’till the end, until the end of April”. 

Soaked in atmospheric production, he delivers an engaging indie pop listen that injects a rhythmic heart into the song that still allows the emotional capacity of the lyrics to be the magical centre point.

‘April’ is the first official offering from his forthcoming sophomore record, and if this is anything to go by then we are in for an emotional deep-dive collection.