SINGLE REVIEW: Kota Banks – Let U Leave

Vulnerability isn’t something that everyone is easy at showing. Some people genuinely struggle with letting their guard down enough to open up to other people, and that’s something that Kota Banks cites as her biggest personal downfall. 

Attempting to grow and learn how to be more vulnerable, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has written a song that embraces that struggle as she reminisces on moments that would have benefited venerability. 

At it’s foundations, ’Let U Leave’ is a classic Kota Banks song with it’s experimental layering of production with DIY beats and smooth pop melodies. Usually she brings the party with a hyped energy on top of all this, however this time she has mellowed it out to give you raw vulnerability. 

“All I do is think about the feelings that I’m hiding from you. All I do is sit around, and wish I didn’t like you, like that” she confesses during the first verse as she acknowledges the build up of thoughts and emotions she has. When she reaches the chorus she questions “How could I let you leave, baby” as she watches them walk way without being able to get the courage to open up. 

The emotional layering of the lyrics with the DIY beats is very reminiscent of Charli XCX recent album ‘how i’m feeling now’ and Kim Petras’ ‘Clarity’ project. It’s a side of her that I do hope we get to hear more of in the future because while playful Kota is a riot, vulnerable Kota is super relatable and captivating in a different way.