SINGLE REVIEW: Wolfjay feat. Austen – Very Soon, Very Frequent

What started as a last minute entry for triple J’s #DIYSUPERGROUP competition has turned into one of Wolfjay’s lushest indie-pop servings yet. 

Teaming up with Austen after isolating together in their Melbourne flatshare, they created a memorable song built around supplied samples, but showed an innovative flair. Rightfully creating a lot of buzz following it’s inclusion as a finalist in the competition, they’ve decided to give the production an original refresh and officially release ‘Very Soon, Very Frequent’. 

Powered by a dreamy indie-pop sonic similar to the likes of LANY, this song feels like it’s been taken straight out of a coming of age Netflix film. With the building synth led production atmospherically growing, the song has a very nostalgic feel to it. Austen’s vocals collide with Wolfjay’s perfectly and offer this soothing contrast within their harmonies. It’s pure, comforting and is ultimately dreamy. 

Reflecting on the magic of crossing paths with someone in a moment when you need them most, they explore the genuine nature of right place, right time. “I’m not moving on, or just running from, all the things I’ve done. Maybe one day we will find a place to be very soon, very frequent. If only for a little while” they sing during the dreamy hook. 

This is a near perfect indie-pop moment that will transport you into a cinematic trance, and is by far Wolfjay’s lushest offering yet.