SINGLE REVIEW: Ball Park Music – Day & Age

Ball Park Music have stepped into a new era with their forthcoming self-titled sixth studio album which is slated for release later this year. Following in the footsteps of their anthemic lead single ‘Spark Up!’ they’ve decided to strip things back and give something a little more chilled out in comparison. 

‘Day & Age’ is a dreamy indie-pop moment that coincidentally reflects on what dreams mean. By jotting down his dreams for months, lead singer Sam Cromack recalls these vivid images that made him question what he though about society and as humans. 

“Oh, my God, what did I just watch? All of my loved ones jump from the bridge into the sea that turns green. You know I cannot look away” ponders during the second verse.

With Cromack’s slightly echoed vocals taking centre stage, the production is built around them with a upbeat and laid back guitar riff and atmospheric melodies. 

It’s sonically quite a simple song but it works perfectly to show a contrast in the bands sound, songwriting and creative vision.