SINGLE REVIEW: Navvy – Pieces

Break ups are hard and there’s no denying the intense emotions that come with that territory, but when you do eventually get to the other side it’s an empowering place to be in as you do feel liberated and wilfully strong. It’s a feeling that makes you want to sing every emotion you’ve ever had to your ex-lovers face, and Navvy has created the perfect pop moment for you to do just that.

‘Pieces’ embraces that reflective confidence that happens post heartbreak, while still combining raw vulnerability and addressing the heavy emotions that she did feel beforehand. 

Opening the song with a brief look at the past she sings about the future she saw with them. “I could see our wedding bells when you walked in the room. Already planning, standing hand-in-hand. Our mom’s are crying, painted in white like a film. My little heaven”. 

As she reaches the chorus she unveils that they broke her heart and left her feeling out of breath, but now she’s got her pieces together again and ready to celebrate. “I been dancing, I stopped crying, that’s the whole truth. I’m even happy when I’m waking up without you. I’m broken too, so many pieces, thought I’d never make it through. I got my pieces back together, ooh-na-na, ooh” she euphorically sings. 

With pulsating synths creeping through the opening moments of the song, the production bursts with slick pop beats, vocoder and a rhythmically charged structure. At it’s core it’s very Robyn inspired and is a sound and vibe that really suits her.  

This is Navvy’s shiny pop moment. It’s huge, infectiously catchy, empowering and is honestly the perfect break up track that will soundtrack that moment of loving yourself again.