SINGLE REVIEW: Will Hyde – Easy For U. 

Will Hyde is stepping into the spotlight with a new musical project which is authentically him in every way possible. 

After spending a couple of years as one-half of teenage electronic duo SŸDE, he started to feel lost within who he was as a person and an artist. Taking some time to explore the detachment he was experiencing to the commercial music he was producing, he formed this new project where he’s taken control of those thoughts, and created something that feels mature, reflective and joyous. 

His debut single ‘easy for u.’ is a groovy alt-pop moment that reflects on giving more in a relationship than you receive. As someone who is used to giving so much of myself in a relationship, I am usually left questioning why I’m not good enough when they eventually leave me and don’t reciprocate the feelings. So this song is something quite relatable on a deeper core. 

“Always been your 4 am call. Is that all i’m good for?” he questions in the opening lines of the song before quipping “You only love me when it’s easy for you” during what seems like a joyous and euphoric hook. 

The contrast between the sonical layering and the lyrics is so liberating because he tackles these heavy emotions of feeling played and not being enough, and turns them into something that will hopefully empower people to be more in control of their feelings, and not be as manipulated by others as they have been in the past. 

The short track comes in at just over two minutes long and intertwines a lot of different references into the foundational makeup with hints of Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, Dominic Fike and homegrown favourite Lakyn shining through. 

The rhythmic sound is layered with a looped guitar riff and a smooth pop beat, and just sounds like the sort of song that you would want blasting during a mid-afternoon road trip. 

As the beginning of this new chapter, ‘easy for you.’ excitingly leaves the possibility of the next step in this Melbourne singer, songwriter and producers, sonical evolution wide open.