SINGLE REVIEW: Porcelain Boy – Dull Girl 

Bringing the underground experimentation that is embraced in cities like New York and Berlin to the commercial streets of Australia, Porcelain Boy are newcomers that you don’t want to sleep on.

The progressive Sydney duo are mashing genres together, and blurring the lines of how you should roll out a debut single. ‘Dull Girl’ is a brash, in-your face and angsty pop song that fuses pop, rock and dance together in a DIY way that is similar to the likes of LCD Soundsystem. 

Opening with a voice-note recording from a conversation with a friend that sounds like it was taken straight out of a cult-movie, they immediately pull you in as you question just where this song will sonically and structurally go. 

“I feel like I’m going to be selfish. Really, horribly, selfish, and just do it” the female voice echoes as the recording ends and the prominent guitar riff glides into a festival ready sound. With the big 90’s-rock guitars colliding into the 80’s inspired pulsating synths and their seductive vocals, they give you this really indulgent and experimental sound that also represents the lyrical intent as they explore giving into indulgences and ignoring the inevitable. 

It’s a song that is meant to create conversation. It isn’t a bubblegum polished pop track with a huge hook that is going to impress everyone. Instead it merges all of these incredible individual sounds and briefly shows listeners all the different sides of their artistry within a 3 minute duration. 

It’s a perfect introductory track for a genre-bending duo that are certainly out of the box and very left-field in the best way possible. Oh, and it’s only the beginning, so prepare for a lot more DIY evolution to come. 

dull girl

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