SINGLE REVIEW: Not A Boys Name – The Internet Sucks

Dave Jenkins Jr is honestly one of the most talented musicians in Australia. And whether you know it or not you’ve probably seen him live over the last year playing with some of your favourite acts like Vera Blue, Daniel Johns, Meg Mac, Eves Karydas, and Samantha Jade as apart of their respective live bands.

On top of that, he’s also launched his own solo project poignantly titled, Not A Boys Name. The progressive pop-rock project has slowly started building through his previous singles ‘Hazard Perception Test’, ‘Cut It Off’ and ‘Raise The Alarm’. But to coincide with the release of his first single of 2020 he’s decided to finally announce his debut EP, which is slated for a July 3 release.

‘The Internet Sucks’ was first premiered in his live set at Bigsound 2018, and at the time I described this track as the ultimate 2am stoner-rock song, and it’s definitely still got that vibe about it.

Sonically found somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and The Killers, this song is equally grand and grunge. It lives in that experimental space where you brain merges different thoughts and ideas together without a second thought. Like, who would’ve thought that the dreaded dial-up internet sound would’ve made it into a song in 2020, but it has.

Just when you think you know where the song is going, a shredding guitar solo from Kirin J Callinan smacks you right in the face. It’s very different and that’s what is great about it.

Described as a “pre-Covid song for a post-covid world”, he explores the addiction to screen time, and lets be honest, it’s something we can all definitely relate to with lyrics like “It’s full of lies spreading like fire. Admit it, We’ve broken love”.

Not A Boys Name is here to give you some experimental new music, and this new chapter has just begun.