SINGLE REVIEW: Ella Eyre feat. Yxng Bane – Dreams

Following a lot of experimentation and exploration into who she wants to be as an artist, Ella Eyre is ready to re-introduce herself to listeners through a lot of colour, confidence and honesty. 

Stepping into the pop sound more, ‘Dreams’ follows the bold soundscape of recent single ‘New Me’ and ‘L.O.V.(e)’. It’s rhythmic, light and truly relatable. 

Reflecting on infatuation and not completely understanding why you have feelings for someone, it’s something that we can all relate to feeling at one time or another. “I saw you last night in my, my dreams. It felt so beautiful, I almost believed we were a thing and I liked it. I never looked at you like this, til I saw you last night in my, my dreams” she sings during the chorus. 

Teaming up with Yxng Bane for a rhythmic rap, she also teams up with Banx & Ranx which marks their second collaboration after the super fun ‘Mama’ last year. Continuing a similar production flow, she has you ready to dance and confess your infatuation.