SINGLE REVIEW: Thelma Plum – These Days

There’s no denying that we are living in such unique and un-precedented times. When 2020 started, if someone had mentioned that the world would come to a halt due to a pandemic, I think we all would’ve laughed it off and thought of it as some ‘2012’ end of the world conspiracy. But sadly it happened, and we are now left trying to live a new “normal life” in the interim.

CBA have rolled out a special We Can. Together. Campaign that highlights a country coming together to support each other. Soundtracking the campaign is a beautiful rendition of Powderfinger’s iconic track ‘These Days’ by Thelma Plum.

When the Brisbane singer-songwriter was approached to do this advertisement, it seemed like a open and closed decision to cover a Powderfinger track as they were also a Brisbane act. But when you dive deeper into the lyrics of ‘These Days’, you will realise that there has never been a better time for this song to be re-released. 

“This life, well it’s slipping right through my hands. These days turned out nothing like I had planned” she delicately sings during the honestly raw chorus. Immediately these lyrics hit in a whole different way as you resurface those first heavy emotions of when our lives drastically changed. 

She’s left the arrangement quite minimalistic with just an acoustic guitar and her beautiful vocals leading the production before some atmospheric synths and an electric guitar gracefully add some texture towards the end.

The stripped back roots is reminiscent of her debut EP ‘Rosie’, and while the singer-songwriter works on her forthcoming sophomore album it’s exciting to imagine where this record could sonically go.