SINGLE REVIEW: Kate Miller-Heidke – This Is Not Forever

Kate Miller Heidke is one of Australia’s most unique and celebrated pop artists. With a career spanning two decades, she has prominently shown the world so many different sides to her artistry. With a diverse discography of tracks, she’s done everything from theatrical pop, to cinematic ballads to even opera. She’s honestly done it all, but throughout this journey she’s held onto her originality and her raw artistry, that has made everything she’s done authentically hers. 

Following her blockbuster song ‘Zero Gravity’ which she performed at Eurovision 2019 while representing Australia, the Brisbane singer-songwriter has returned with a new timely theatrical track for listeners to embrace. 

‘This Is Not Forever’ is a beautifully raw song that she wrote for a friend who was falling into a depression. Wanting to actively let them know that she was there for them every step of the way, she shared her support and her understanding of the pain and confusion they were experiencing because she has felt those feelings before. 

“I know it hurts, I know it haunts you in the night. And in the day you’re waiting there in fight or flight. You’re walking round inside a cloud, I know the signs. I’ve walked those roads myself alone too many times” she candidly sings during the opening verse.

As she heads into the chorus she proudly exclaims; “This pain, makes you who you are. This pain, makes you who I love”.

With the current state of the world, this song’s meaning has taken on a whole new life with people’s mental health being the most affected attribute to this virus. And more than ever before, we need to be there for each other and lift each other up. 

Channeling her theatrical roots, the production behind this song is very cinematic and hears her immediately captivating you with her classically trained pop vocals. Keeping it very minimalistic, it’s the strings and the atmospheric harmonies that offer an angelic calming approach. 

It’s classic Kate Miller Heidke is the most honest and authentic way possible.  

This Is Not Forever

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