SINGLE REVIEW: LPX – Delayed Gratification

Earlier this year LPX started the next chapter of her musical journey with the high octane ‘New Mood’, which was an anthem about the process of learning to let go and the emotional release it could have. 

Through it’s raw energy that was lifted by crunching guitars and smashing drums, the song’s unique electricity was one that was contagious and euphoric. However for her next single, she’s switching it up and showing a different side to her artistry. 

‘Delayed Gratification’ is a 90’s grunge influenced pop track that reminds me of early Garbage. Layered with her experimental DIY elements, the song channels so many different sonics with a slight reggae infused riff and a pop ballad smoothness driving the hook. 

Compared to her previous singles that were high octane energy and had a brash pop-rock sonic, this is quite the polar opposite. However, her heart is still prominently front and centre. 

LPX has always had an ability to be so transparent and honest through her music while also giving a voice to people who are struggling to find the words to articulate how they feel. Through this track  she opens up about being impatiently patient, and getting frustrated with having her path constantly shifted. It feels very timely as we are all in a place where our lives are on hold while the world is tackling a global pandemic. It’s really frustrating because all of our plans are shifted and it does affect our mental health quite severely. But it’s important to remember the power of pursuing and staying hopeful in these moments. 

“Will I ever prove that I’m living to choose a life where I leave a sound?” she honestly questions during the rhythmically charged hook. But it’s the bridge that gives you an extra little relatable gold nugget of the constant hurdles you face while chasing something that feels so right. “It’s the wrong place, wrong time, but it still feels right”. 

Showing yet another side of her through ‘Delayed Gratification’, LPX’s forthcoming third EP is shaping up to be another emotional, riotous and diverse DIY affair.