SINGLE REVIEW: Sinead Harnett – Quarantine Queen

With the global status of this current pandemic forcing all of us to isolate, it’s been a really deep and reflective time for everyone in our own unique way. Some people will stay quiet during this time and recharge, others will over think and worry, and others will keep busy and find ways to be creative and challenge themselves. 

Sinead Harnett has found herself in the last two categories during this time, and from her over thinking and her burst of creativity has come a time capsule in song form that is poignantly titled ‘Quarantine Queen’. 

The British singer-songwriter questions if the end of the world is near with the pandemic altering how we all live. And as she starts to reflect on her life, the mistakes she’s made, and the things she’s never done, she questions if she has ever really learned to love. 

“What a time to be alive. Are we all just pretending that the world isn’t ending? I’m afraid, that I ain’t done enough and if we go up above, I never learned how to love” she croons during the laid back hook. 

Continuing her RNB sonic, the song sways through this doo-woop styled production that is minimalist but perfect for the mood the song embodies. 

Sinead Harnett has created a song that perfectly evaluates the current thought process and feelings of so many people. It’s okay to overthink, and it’s okay to feel this way, and she highlights that so naturally.