SINGLE REVIEW: Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

Lady Gaga is ready to take us all into the world of ‘Chromatica’ next week when she finally releases her highly anticipated sixth studio album. But before she does that, she has one last single to give us, and what a track it is. 

‘Rain On Me’ is the hyped collaboration with Ariana Grande that fuses pop-dance with a hyper-disco element that will have you ready to take over dance floors as soon as it’s safe to do so again. 

Embracing an empowering stance, the song looks at opening up the backlog of tears that have been weighing her down and finding confidence in not being afraid to let it all out. “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive. Rain on me, rain, rain” she sings during the slick hook. 

Ariana Grande steps in during the second verse and delivers this explorational lyric; “Gotta live my truth, not keep it bottled in so I don’t lose my mind”, which is as deep as the song goes. From there she harmonises with Gaga, and gives us some classic vocal runs. 

The production is bold and other worldly. With it’s floor filler drop, its so large and anthemic and has so many different layers to it. And to be honest it is what saves the song from being one dimensional as the lyrics are quite simple.

This is a song that ages like fine wine, and will be one of the most played songs in the clubs once they re-open as it’s just fun and has this epic feel to it.