SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Power

After releasing a string of experimental promotional singles, Ellie Goulding is finally kicking off her fourth album cycle with a song that returns to her ‘Halcyon’ roots. 

‘Power’ explores the different power dynamics that evolve in a toxic relationship. Disillusioned by love she fights for what she thinks she deserves and not what she actually deserves which is someone that actually cares about her and not status.

“I’m not a material girl. Everything in your world just feels like plastic. Wearing your crown, it’s pulling me down. You just want the power. You’re not really down for love” she sings during the anthemic chorus. 

The mature song is a storytelling experience that hears her actually making a statement of what she deserves to have in her life. It’s the self empowerment reminder that we sometimes all need to hear. 

Brooding with dark pop production, the song starts with moody aesthetics that are pulsating and raw before bursting into a disco influenced hook that feels quite 80’s and bold. When you listen carefully to the way it’s structure you will realise that it also Interpolates a reference to Dua Lipa’s ‘Be The One’ ever so slightly with it’s rhythmic flow. 

The dark-pop contrast is similar to her Halcyon era but has a polished pop influence thanks to the pure pop experimentation of ‘Delirium’.