SINGLE REVIEW: Sia – Together

Later this year Sia will be stepping into a different light for her directorial debut with her film ‘Music’ which stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler. While this is uncharted territory for her, the Adelaide singer-songwriter will always pay homage to her roots and has recorded a new album that will soundtrack the film. 

‘Together’ is the albums lead single, and it’s a typical Sia pop song full of charisma, soaring vocals and strong songwriting. But sonically it doesn’t hit the same heights that some of her greatest hits have, which leaves you feeling a little underwhelmed. 

The delivery of the hook feels quite gimmicky and instead sounds like a kids anthem, which isn’t exactly what you want from her. And for this track the verses seem stronger than the chorus which is something you never want to happen in a pop song. 

But there are some cool references to music in this song that are playful and clever. But that’s sadly one of the most engaging things about it. Luckily it does slowly grow on you, but it’s not the smash pop hit that you were hoping for.