SINGLE REVIEW: Jordan Astra feat. Jalmar – Reasons

Jordan Astra is ready to bring some cheeky RNB-pop vibes to your isolation with his funky new single ‘Reasons’. 

The Melbourne based singer-songwriter has been introducing himself to listeners over the past couple of years with the release of two foundational EP’s. 

His 2016 debut EP was heavily grounded in a hip-hop sound while 2018’s ‘Astro’ was more RNB injected. Stepping into a more polished pop sound, he’s started this new chapter by fusing the two previous sounds together and unveiling a new found confidence. 

Exploring the flirty infatuation that we feel for someone new, he dives into the genuine sparks of connectivity through groovy RNB-pop layers. “hey, don’t you want it. Cause I want more, you want more, let’s be honest. Let’s go, let’s get away to a place where no recognises a thing” he sings during the slick hook. 

The rhythmic groove of the production has this really sexy feel to it. With similar references to the tight production that Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake always brings to their releases, it just feels super polished. And don’t even get me started on the perfect saxophone solo because I really do feel like every pop song should have one.

The flow is seamless and starts with a RNB groove before allowing his hip-hop roots to shine with his rap during the first verse as well as Jalmar’s guest rap verse. But then he brings it back to this smooth pop injected chorus without feeling disjointed.  

The ear worm hook will get stuck in your head immediately and it’s well deserving because this is Jordan Astra’s strongest release yet. And to be honest with you, he’s only really just getting started.