SINGLE REVIEW: Tyne-James Organ – Hold Me Back

Off the back of the release of his debut EP ‘Persevere’ last year, Tyne-James Organ is ready to kick off 2020 with more new music as he continues to boldly introduce himself to listeners. 

‘Hold Me Back’ is a very special track that pushes the boundaries on what he’s previously released and uses his platform to put a spotlight on a very important topic. 

Inspired by the Me Too Movement, the now Melbourne based singer-songwriter has written about his own experience of a night out with a group of friends where he witnessed one of his female friends being assaulted. Taking an outsiders perspective, he really wanted to use the platform he has to create awareness and start that conversation through his music. 

Setting the scene during the first verse, he openly exclaims; “Hold your tongue. One more word out of you and you’re done. No one should have to face the fear of what you are. So be gone. Did you not understand when she said ‘No’?”. 

With just a dark and gritty guitar riff, he adds in soulful rock production and emotional harmonies in the chorus where he then sings; “Hold me back, hold me back from a feeling that I don’t want to know”. 

Sonically continuing the evolution that his debut EP paved as his foundations, the song has a real 70’s soulful rock feel to it which will immediately draw you in. 

On top of using ‘Hold Me Back’ to start a conversation through his music, he will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from sales and streams to the White Ribbon foundation.