SINGLE REVIEW: Foxes – Love Not Loving You

It’s been four years in-between releases for Foxes, but the British singer-songwriter is finally back with a fresh new sound and an empowering take on self-love.

‘Love Not Loving You’ is the first taste of this new chapter, and it’s packed with groovy guitar riffs, pulsating synths and a whole lot of bold confidence. 

Reflecting on stepping away from previous relationships where she relied on the other person for happiness, she finally finds love within herself as she moves forward in a new array of coloured lights. 

“You broke me out of a fever. You make me feel like someone else. You make me dance like I mean it. Now I love, now I love, now I love not loving you” she sings during the infectious hook. But it’s the bridge that lyrically stands out with it’s darker tone before she steps back into the light of the chorus. “Sad songs bring me back to life. Lost my soul, thought I’d lost my mind” she proclaims. 

It’s a message that we can all embrace in our lives as it’s easy to get falsely lead by our own thoughts, definitely in a confusing time like we are currently facing globally. But what we need to remember is that the most powerful thing we can do is love ourselves. 

Her debut album ‘Glorious’ was cemented in the alt-pop world while her sophomore release ‘All I Need’ leaned into a heavier pop experimentation. To kick start this next chapter she fuses the two sounds together for a soulful and groovy pop number. The 80’s injected groove of the guitar riffs and the syncopated pop beats layer a playful production that successfully makes you feel empowered. And don’t get me started on how catchy the “ooh, ooh’s” are. 

This is a strong comeback track for Foxes that deservingly gets you excited for what else is yet to come.