SINGLE REVIEW: Delta Goodrem – Keep Climbing

During this strange time of uncertainty, Delta Goodrem has been directly connecting with fans globally through a weekly instalment of her appropriately titled live stream series; The Bunkerdown Sessions.

Performing fan favourites and covers exclusively in these performances, she surprised everyone by performing and releasing a brand new single during last weeks show.

‘Keep Climbing’ is the official lead single from her forthcoming sixth studio album which hears her stripping everything back to her roots. Impressing with empowering storytelling, powerhouse vocals, soothing harmonies and beautiful keys, this song is an intimate and perfect way to begin this new era.

Written to inspire people to find their inner-strength to keep fighting during tough times, this song is all about having hope. And it’s honestly a timely song that people need right now more than ever before because it’s so easy to get stuck in your head and lose focus that everyone is going through the same thing and we will all get through this together.

“Two mountains, I’m caught in the middle. Can’t see the forest before the trees. This climbing breaks me a little but the hope inside of me that this lonely valley leads, to a bridge over troubled dreams” she sings during the soaring hook.

Beginning with just simple piano keys, she starts to add layers with strings and soulful melodies that turn into a beautiful gospel moment towards the end of the song where the choir powerfully sings the phrase “keep climbing”.

The song ripples with perfect waves of emotions that drive the structure and climatically builds to give you a really beautiful and special moment.