SINGLE REVIEW: X Ambassadors feat. K.Flay & Grandson – Zen

X Ambassadors, K.Flay and Grandson have teamed up for your new isolation anthem. ‘Zen’ brings together all of the thoughts that are surfacing in your head during this time and slickly articulating them into a riot of a song. 

It’s a unique fusion of the three of their sounds, with gritty guitars, big drums and grungy aesthetics. It builds quite anthemically to the hook where they simply proclaim “someone gimme fucking zen”. 

Reciting all of our candid and honest thoughts during this time, there is a playful feel to the track that is purely fun and therapeutic. So many great one-liners have made their way onto the song that will have people cutting and pasting them as their captions all over social media. 

“Scrollin’ through the internet, time suck. I’ve been feelin’ flat like a pancake. I could use a hug or a handshake. I could use some drugs or a Band-Aid” K.Flay honestly confesses during the rap flow of the second verse.

From the very first listen, ‘Zen’ draws you in and captivates you with it’s raw energy which feels like a ray of light during this personally dark time.