SINGLE REVIEW: Washington – Dark Parts

It’s been six years in between albums for Washington, but that’s all about to change with the release of her forthcoming third studio record on August 28. 

Following the release of her experimentally charged string of singles ‘Claws’, ‘American Spirit’ and ‘Dirty Churches’ over the past two years, the Brisbane singer-songwriter is ready to start a whole new chapter. 

‘Dark Parts’ is the beginning of this new journey that hears her returning to her roots and creating a song that is sonically pushing boundaries and absolutely chaotic in the most beautiful pop way. It embraces the foundational parts of who she is as an artist and begins with theatrical keys that are layered with synths and pop production. 

Using an uncommon 7/8 time signature, she hones this playful sonic chaos by stepping out of what some other artists would see as a comfort zone and do something that is completely different and bold. 

Sonically it reminds me of the fearlessness behind some of her earlier material from ‘I Believe You Liar’, but she’s added an experimental K.Flay inspired layer that adds a fresh perspective during the verses that is a little grittier. 

When getting to know someone romantically we all have a way of wanting to show the most pristine versions of ourselves that are just as filtered as our Snapchat and Instagram photos. But what it ends up doing is it puts an emotional blockage up that stops that person actually getting to know us and falling in love with who we really are. So Washington reflects on letting those walls down and the idea of wanting to show someone the dark parts of her. 

“I could show you all my icky blacky yucky. I can show you all my sticky tacky crazy. Let me show all my shadowy and cynical. Let me show you all the dark parts of me” she sings during the anthemic hook. 

Giving listeners a bold pop song that begins this new journey confidently, ‘Dark Parts’ will have you ready to dance and riot alongside her in the coming months when live shows are back up and running and we can get emotional in crowded rooms again.