SINGLE REVIEW: Theia – Celebrity

Throughout the early stages of 2020 Theia has been dropping a string of singles that have been boldly experimental and euphorically anthemic. With her DIY PC-pop roots heavily ingrained into the sonic, every release has been contrastingly different and added a different layer to the full package. 

‘Celebrity’ is the final piece of the puzzle from her new mixtape ’99% Angel’, and it’s truly the holy grail of the four tracks. 

The New Zealand singer-songwriter gives listeners an absolute anthem that plays on the idea of selling your soul to the cult of celebrity and doing whatever it takes to get to that status even if that means losing yourself in the process. It’s a concept that is sadly a true representation of so many people we see flogging “themselves” online through social media platforms to get some sort of validation. 

“I don’t like the way you are, you and all your wannabes. Don’t tell me what to do, like you’re some celebrity” she proclaims during the bold hook. 

Layered with guitar riffs, slick synths and a whole lot of attitude, this song climatically builds before erupting in the chorus with the strong bass distorting the smooth transition. She gives you a much needed anthemic punch that you will want to hear over and over again. 

Theia is a bit of a tease for releasing these songs while we are in lockdown because they deserve to be felt on the dance floor with the bass trembling through the speakers and the choruses euphorically sung out loud. But for now, I guess we can just blast them in our bedrooms and pretend we are some kind of celebrity. 

’99% Angel’ is out now!