Organically finding their foundational roots, SUNFLOWER are ready to introduce themselves to listeners in the most soulful, empowering and hopeful way possible. 

After lead vocalists Kahlia Ferguson and Lawson Doyle met at Bluesfest 2019 where their respective previous projects The Fergies and Port Royal were showcasing, there was something about their connection which was undeniably strong. From there the Brisbane based soul-rock five piece formed and started working on what this new beginning looked like sonically and aesthetically. 

Their debut single ‘Better Days’ is a timely song about hope and embraces all of the heavy emotions that come with not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s about turning that around and seeing that better days are to come, and to use that to ignite a fire in you to keep fighting.  

“You and I were never born to run but baby, you and I know our better days are yet to come” they harmoniously sing during the uplifting chorus.

It’s a message that we all need to hear right now with the two month mark of isolation clocking in and our inner-monologues providing some doubtful feelings surrounding whether we can keep going with this new way of life. 

Sonically diving into a 70’s rock inspired sound, they bring back the natural elements to music that is currently lacking in the commercial frontline. With heavy guitars and uplifting harmonies intertwining together, they inject pure soul-rock into your airwaves and will immediately have you smiling while listening to their hopeful lyrics. 

‘Better Days’ is a song that just feels organic and pure at its roots and excitingly introduces SUNFLOWER to listeners authentically without any gimmicks needed.