Over the past couple of years, Noah Cyrus has been on a journey of intimate self discovery. From her debut single ‘Make Me (Cry) in 2016 through to the release of her debut EP ‘Good Cry’ in 2018, the Californian singer-songwriter has been evolving and maturing her sound while also finding what she wanted to use her platform to say. 

With the release of her sophomore EP ‘THE END OF EVERYTHING’, it’s become evident that she’s found her voice within being vulnerable and candidly honest through her smooth alt-pop delivery. 

This intimate collection of tracks is a open venture into her inner-monologue that is pure, has no filter and reflects on subjects like love, heartbreak, anxiety and depression. She doesn’t hold back and is confidently vulnerable at all moments. 

There are messages in the songs that will be important for people to hear as it will help them feel like they’re not so alone within their dark thoughts, and that’s what the power of music has always aimed to celebrate. 

The EP’s standout moment is the future hit ‘Young And Sad’. Opening with a candid voicemail from her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, he sets the tone for the track by offering her some words of support. “Hey bud, this is ol’ Dad. Just wanted you to know, you ain’t alone. Keep a smile on your face, everything’s gonna be fine. I love you” he lovingly says. 

Reflecting on her deepening sadness that she can’t seem to shake, she looks forward to a time where she won’t feel this way anymore.  

“Don’t wanna be young and sad another day longer. Don’t wanna feel numb or mad until I go under. And I know that you only want me to be happy but I still feel lonely tonight” she sings during the soothing hook. 

Singing over a simple guitar melody, it’s sonically similar to her previous singles ‘July’ and ‘I Got So High I Saw Jesus’. 

‘Ghost’ is another pretty special track that reflects on her long battle with depression. Her storytelling is so vivid and honestly beautiful that you will be immediately in awe from the moment you press play. 

“And when you’re looking in the mirror, demons may be closer than they may appear. You can either cry, and sit, and stare. Or try to run away, I’m tryna run away” she confesses. 

Her soulful vocals fall gracefully over the soft piano keys and pulsating simple beat that steers the production. 

The EP’s production is dreamy and beautifully cohesive from start to finish. From the gospel inspired ‘Lonely’ to the guitar focus of ‘The End Of Everything’, and the simple beat structure of ‘Wonder Years’, she keeps the sound mellow, reflective and genuine to the truth she’s telling. 

Noah Cyrus is a new age storyteller. She’s found her strength in telling her truth and sharing her darkest thoughts and emotions through the power of music. And this EP is a beautiful representation of that pain and heart.