With the release of their third studio album ‘mama’s boy’ scheduled for a late 2020 release, LANY have finally dropped the lead single which hears them slightly steering away from their Californian summer’s day sonic. 

Their previous tracks have become the soundtrack to coastal road trips and emotional heartbreak reflections, so when it comes to new music there is always high expectations for the indie-pop three piece to live up to. 

‘good guys’ is a track that just sadly doesn’t live up to those expectations. It’s a lacklustre song that hears them heading towards a more straight-up pop sound before randomly throwing in a dreamy and echoey stripped back guitar bridge.

Starting off strong they reflect on the relatable fear of being rejected and coming off too interested too quickly.

“I wanna call you up, tell you how I feel. But I might scare you away if I get too real” lead singer Paul Klein sings during the first verse.

But then it just goes downhill from there as the songs sentiment shifts to not telling someone how you feel because nothing good happens to good guys. It’s a “pitty me” storyline that doesn’t really have a place in music in 2020. 

“I just wanna be the one you call. Anything you need, anything at all. All I wanna do is let you in, but good guys, good guys never win”. 

It could’ve been done in a more intelligent way, but instead it’s just basic, blunt and a little cringe worthy. 

He wants you to feel sorry for him, but you just don’t.