SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza – Shook

Taking time to hone her sound and her artistry, Tkay Maidza is re-emerging with a bold confidence and maturity embodied within her music. 

The rising Australian Hip-Hop artist has had a massive career already with critical acclaim on her past releases, huge streaming numbers, sponsorship deals, sold out shows, worldwide stages and huge festival inclusions, but she’s only really just getting started. 

The release of ‘Last Year Was Weird (Vol. 1) was really a new beginning for her. It was the start of a self-reflection on the artist she wanted to be. Heading towards her hip-hop and RNB roots, she stepped away from the pop-dance music she was previously releasing and found her own unique voice.  From there the heavier hyped hip-hop tracks ‘Awake’ and IDC If U Be Ded’ followed last year and now she’s ready to kick off 2020 with a even bigger track.

‘Shook’ may just be Tkay Maidza’s best release yet. It’s a song that immediately grabs your attention from the moment the big band intro slides into her classic hip-hop hook. 

The hype track hears her getting a little cheeky and feeling empowered while finding a confidence that she proclaims has got everyone “shook”. 

“These men, yeah I got ’em all shook. Earthquake, yeah I got ’em all shook. I came, I don’t play by the book. Yeah I make the bands, yeah I got ’em all shook” she sings during the catchy hook. 

Produced by frequent collaborator Dan Farber, they’ve honed a sound that feels so authentic to her artistry. The beat has a nostalgic feel to it which enhances the euphoric vibe it creates. It also sounds polished and like it belongs on American hip-hop radio, where songs like this deserve to have their own platform. 

It’s a song that you want to hear play at a festival and a club, and just absolutely lose your mind to. It’s fun, it’s anthemic and it’s honestly one of her best releases yet. This is a very exciting direction for Tkay Maidza to head in and you will be shook from the moment you press play.