SINGLE REVIEW: Ella Eyre – L.O.V.(e).

Earlier this year Ella Eyre started the next chapter of her career with the boldly catchy ‘New Me’ that saw her embracing her self empowerment ferociously. 

Ready to keep the good vibes flowing, she’s dropped the next single from her highly anticipated sophomore album. ‘L.O.V.(e).’ is a song that the UK singer-songwriter has been playing in her live shows since 2017 and continually teased fans about by hinting at a future release. 

The straight up love song hears her finding her inner strength to want to fall in love again after being hurt in the past. It’s something that can completely change people and it’s scary to jump back into it when you have been hurt, but it’s also bold and daring.

“It’s a rollercoaster I swore I’d never ride again. But I think that I’d like to try. Think that I’d like to” she reflects during the pre-chorus before proclaiming “I need that L-O, L-O, L-O-V, Even though it runs from me”. 

In typical Ella Eyre fashion, the song is completely playful with it’s rhythmic pop beat and dance interpolation. While ‘New Me’ was cheekily in your face, ‘L.O.V.(e).’ is bold in a whole different way. It takes her soulful pop roots from ‘If I Go’ and ‘Together’ and brings this new sonical pop experimentation into the equation. 

The catchy track is a fresh perspective in her new musical journey, and it’s one that will have you singing and grooving along immediately.