SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Joan Of Arc On The Dancefloor

Over the past three years Aly & AJ have been making their return to pop music in a bold, impressive and experimental way. Soaked in 80’s influenced synths, they’ve brought pure nostalgia back while managing to intertwine a modern twist effortlessly. 

It’s been thirteen years since the sister duo released their second studio album ‘Insomniatic’, and 2020 will excitingly see them finally release their third studio album. Boasting maturity and a unique sonical freshness, this will be a whole new journey for them. 

Following the release of their re-introductory EP’s ‘Ten Years’ and ‘Sanctuary’, they unveiled the deeply vulnerable and relatable ‘Attack Of Panic’ earlier this year which addressed their battle with anxiety. 

The next single ‘Joan Of Arc On The Dancefloor’ is an anthem for anyone who has been misunderstood, taken advantage of or wrongly accused. It’s a song about fighting for what you believe in no matter what, and embracing your own inner Joan Of Arc. 

“We don’t stop! Until mascara’s on the dance floor We say, ‘No!’ Joan of Arc is on the dance floor” they sing during the dark-synth pulsating chorus. 

Further exploring their new 80’s influenced pop sound, they’ve headed towards a darker dance sonic that feels like something you would hear in a club in the early AM. It’s also quite reminiscent of something you would find on Madonna’s ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ album. 

It’s their least commercial friendly single yet, but a strong song that will have their fans itching to get back on the dancefloor.