SINGLE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – Lost

It’s been a long time coming but Alex The Astronaut has finally announced that she will be releasing her highly anticipated debut album ‘The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing’ on August 21. 

The Sydney singer-songwriter has been sharing her honest, vulnerable and vivid storytelling since late 2016 when she dropped the song that started it all, ’Already Home’. From there she went onto releasing her wildly acclaimed EP’s ‘To Whom It May Concern’ and ‘See You Soon’ which ignited sold out headlining shows and huge festival inclusions. 

For the past year and a half she has been laying the foundations for the debut album with a string of singles including ‘Happy Song’, ‘I Like To Dance’, ‘I Think You’re Great’ and the recently released ‘Split The Sky’. Joining those songs is ‘Lost’ which perfectly coincides with the exciting announcement. 

The production is quintessential Alex The Astronaut with a guitar driven riff that perfectly allows her lyrical flow to accordingly set the mood. But what she intertwines into this song is a heavier indie-rock influence for the anthemic inclined chorus. 

With heavier guitars and drums, she gives you something that feels like an interesting and exciting experimentation following ‘I Think You’re Great’ which had a similar core. 

Reflecting on feeling lost in the world, she explores taking new steps during a moment of change and feeling understandably overwhelmed by the sentiment. Its something we can all relate to whether it’s starting a new job, moving somewhere new or breaking up with someone and needing to find yourself again. 

“When you hadn’t thought this would happen and you really wish it wasn’t happening. When fate takes you and it spins you around, and you’re lost. You’re lost” she honestly sings during the chorus. 

This song is the perfect way to celebrate the announcement of the album and fits so well with the previously released tracks that have created quite the hype surrounding this record.