SINGLE REVIEW: Wafia – Pick Me

“Every day, every night, every single week, I pick me” Wafia confidently confesses during her new self-empowerment anthem.

Appropriately titled ‘Pick Me’, she reflects on walking out of a toxic relationship because she decided to choose to love herself during a time where she started to feel lost and confused. The empowering stance notes a huge first step towards a strong relationship with yourself and your mental health.

It’s something that a lot of people can relate to whether it’s a love interest, family situation or a working environment that is becoming the toxic element in your life that you need to change. 

“When you’re holding me down I’ll get up and leave, I pick me. Who I am and who I’m gonna be, I pick me” she continues to plead during the sultry RNB vibes of the chorus. 

The timely song is so fresh, catchy and empowering and immediately has you reflecting on your own current and past situations. Pondering on those heavy thoughts, the light production has a summery layering that rolls from your ears down to your feet as you start grooving along. 

It’s important to respect and love yourself in all time, but it’s easy to get lost sometimes. Personally, for someone who has recently had to choose themselves over a relationship that wasn’t quite adding up, this is everything I needed to hear and more. And hopefully it will become an anthem for more people that need to find their voice and embrace their own strength and power.