SINGLE REVIEW: G Flip – Hyperfine

There’s never been a more important time to have strong communication with your loved ones than right now. We are currently all navigating something that is completely unprecedented, confusing and life altering. It’s easy to bottle things up and just say we’re fine, but sometimes we do just need to open up and say how we really feel. And that’s what G Flip has embraced in her new bonafide banger.

Inspired by the communication break downs in her own relationship, ‘Hyperfine’ normalises those feelings and complications and just pleads for a better understanding of what the other person is thinking to help strengthen their foundations. 

“I am cautious that I don’t start a fire. Real love never comes with ease. If you’re hurting then please tell me prior. Don’t get up and leave” she candidly sings during the pre chorus before igniting a fiery hook.

“Why don’t you just speak your mind? Always saying that you’re fucking fine. But I know you’re not fucking fine. I just wanna be notified” the anthemic chorus boasts. 

Opening with a high pitched “hyperfine” sample, she dives into a moody and brooding synth gradient that feels reminiscent of Banks’ catalogue. But as she heads into the chorus she unveils a groovy layering of guitars, bass and drums to give listeners the ultimate festival singalong. 

The hook is immediately catchy and something that you just want to passionately scream along to as an emotional release. Highlighting the light and shade of the raw vulnerability in the subject matter, she fittingly strips it all back to the piano demo before the final chorus. This gives listeners a fresh reminder of the emotions before giving them one final euphoric release. 

This is a feeling that most people will be able to relate to. There was a lot of bottling up emotions in my last relationship, and this is a song that I would’ve loved to blast during those frustrated moments to remind each other to open up. 

This is one of G Flips strongest releases yet, and a pure hit waiting to happen.