SINGLE REVIEW: Tamara & The Dreams – FUNNY!

Tamara & The Dreams is a rising indie pop-rock artist that you need to become acquainted with ASAP. And the truth is, you may have already come across her debut singles ‘LO-FI’ and P1nk Sungl4sses’ following her strong streaming traction and engaging social media presence. 

‘FUNNY’ is the Melbourne singer-songwriter’s first release of 2020 and solidifies her potential in becoming one of Australia next biggest acts. 

Following in the footsteps of strong songwriters like Alex Lahey, Alex The Astronaut and Courtney Barnett, she combines wit and honesty together fluidly to give listeners a very unique take on different social issues. And for this song she looks at how as a generation we hide behind sarcasm, irony and meme culture instead of showing people who we really are.

“I’m getting smothered in your irony. Too many layers and it’s hard to breathe. Why do you always have to be funny” she sings during the punchy hook.  

It’s all about ditching those layers and showing a candid side to your personality that is so important now more than ever before. But for some reason we just don’t and instead hide behind layers and jokes. 

The production is immediately captivating with it’s slow-dance prom sonic during the verses that is then amped up during the chorus with in your face grungy guitars. It’s very anthemic and is a song you can imagine screaming along to at a music festival. And don’t even get me started on her adorable laugh during the outro! 

‘FUNNY!’ is a very well put together song that allows listeners to get to know Tamara & The Dreams a little more while also showcasing her best track yet.