SINGLE REVIEW: Marshmello feat. Halsey – Be Kind

With the current state of the world, all we need is a little bit of reassurance that we are loved and everything is going to be okay. And to remind you of this sentiment Marshmello and Halsey have teamed up for an empowering new song that is going to instantly get stuck in your head and make you smile a lot.

‘Be Kind’ is a straight up pop song that has glittery influences of the 80’s intertwined into it’s foundations. Stepping away from his usual EDM foundations with big beat drops that have become heavily repetitive, Marshmello embraces the simplicity and strength of just pop hooks to win you over. 

With the 80’s classic snare drum and pulsating synths leading this song into an empowering space,  you can’t help but just want to dance around euphorically.

Reflecting on being honest with the ones you love and just being there for them, Halsey reminds her loved ones that they can always be their true selves around her. 

“I don’t know why you hide from the one, and close your eyes to the one, mess up and lie to the one that you love. When you know you can cry to the one, always confide in the one, you can be kind to the one that you love” she sings during the uplifting hook. 

This is honestly just a feel good pop moment that you will want to have on repeat over and over again as it will just make you feel some kind of way.