SINGLE REVIEW: Larkins – Are We Having Any Fun Yet?

Manchester four piece Larkins have a growing discography that you need to get all over. Their blend of indie pop-rock deserves to be heard in arenas with fans chanting and singing along to songs like ‘TV Dream’, ‘Hit And Run’ and ‘Something Beautiful’.

With a similar sonic to The 1975, LANY and FOALS, they immediately just have that raw energy injected into their sound, but their new single takes it to a new level.

‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’ is an absolute belter of a song thanks to it’s anthemic hook that you can already imagine being pretty epic in their live show. And if you check out their ‘Live At The Albert Hall, Manchester’ album you you can already hear just how beautifully it translates with the pulsating synth intro feeling like pure magic.

Treating the song as a self evaluation on the truths we hide in ur lives, lead singer Josh Noble questions if we as a society are simply having any fun yet because we are continually wrapped up in perceptions.

“Got dealt the wrong hand but you don’t want to fight. So you tell your friends that you’ll be alright” he candidly sings.

The production is very slick and allows those moments of euphoric singalong’s to occur very genuinely. The production is pulsating, fresh and has a strong rhythm that you can’t help but get it stuck in your head straight away.

This is a very strong release for Larkins and signals that they may just be the next big band about to take over.