SINGLE REVIEW: Hilltop Hoods – I’m Good?

For one of the first times in our modern history, we are all in the same situation. We are all trying to navigate the changes, the precautions and the confusions of a worldwide pandemic that has altered all of our lives in one drastic way or another. 

One of the biggest ways it has impacted people is through mental health and it’s one that is going to have a long-lasting impact. Two of the way’s we can combat this is through music and through human connection by just asking people how they are. 

Combining these two sentiments, Australian hip-hop legends Hilltop Hoods have released a special charity single that embraces the power of coming together and being transparent about our feelings.

‘I’m Good?’ is a playful track that is injected with pure honesty, a whole lot of heart and a lot of quirky little lines that shed a little light in these trying times. 

“I’ve been better, I’m in bed, and I’m embedded, man. I have lived better. I’ve seen better days, man, we all have. 2020’s nothin’ but an unshaved ball-bag” they exclaim during the opening verse of the song. 

Bringing a bold pop sensibility to their hip-hop roots, they inject big trumpets, bright piano instrumentation and a strong drum beat into the strong production.

While there is a lot of playfulness within the lyrics, there is that honest sentiment that will continue to shine through about being transparent and opening up in these important times. 

“I’m good, I’m good, I’m pretty good. Thanks for askin’, that’s mighty thoughtful. I’m good, I’m good, but not great. How are you? Cause I’m kinda awful”

Proceeds from ‘I’m Good?’ will be donated to Support Act’s Roadies Crew Fund to support people in the industry who have been devastatingly affected by the pandemic.