Following the unfortunate rescheduling of their forthcoming third studio album ‘Women In Music Pt III’, HAIM have finally announced the new release date… and it’s very soon!

Confirming a June 26 release date, the Californian sister trio have shared the news along with the release of their timely new single, ‘I Know Alone’

Written pre-COVID, lead vocalist Danielle Haim reflected on the deepest spiral of loneliness that had her feeling like she had experienced loneliness worse than anyone else ever had. But now the song has taken on a whole new meaning with loneliness becoming a norm in everyone’s lives currently. 

It’s become a song that everyone will be able to connect with because we are all facing loneliness in one way or another at the moment. And as a band they’ve taken that step to be able to celebrate that raw sentiment. 

“Cause nights turn into days, that turn to grey, keep turning over. Some things never grow. I know alone like no one else does” they sing during the groovy and soothing hook. 

For the song’s production, the band have taken a mellow approach with a glitchy and echoey vocal take during the verses that then glide into a groovy bass riff that takes over the chorus. It adds that signature HAIM summer attitude that you’ve come to know and love over the years. 

As the band approach the end of the song, the production shifts into a DIY experimental breakdown full of glitchy samples that feels quite fresh for them.