SINGLE REVIEW: Haiku Hands – Manbitch

2020 will finally see Haiku Hands releasing their highly anticipated debut album and it’s expected to be an eclectic array of party anthems. 

Following their anthemic singles ‘Not About You’, ‘Squat’ and ‘Dare You Not To Dance’, the forward thinking collective have got a new track for you to blast at full volume while indulging in some heavy partying. 

‘MANBITCH’ is a playful and bold DIY dance track that experiments with polishing up those gritty moments with heavy glossed pop beats. And to be honest, it’s just a whole lot of fun. 

Written to be a re-imagination of the concept behind the word ‘bitch’ for anyone from any gender identification who would like to use it and own it, they have a lot of fun with the playful lyrical exploration. 

“You can be my manbitch!” they exclaim during the hype as fuck chorus that exudes so much energy. 

This song has been a staple in their live show for a little while now, and it’s just as wild live as it is on the studio version. This is one of their strongest singles recently compared to ‘Onset’ and ‘Squat’ thanks to it’s full blown energy attack.