ALBUM REVIEW: JoJo – Good To Know

Rediscovering her confidence as an artist, JoJo has once again shared her inner-monologue in a honest, vulnerable and heartfelt way. 

Her fourth studio album ‘Good To Know’ is a deeper dive into the RNB side of her artistry after the critically acclaimed ‘Mad Love’ highlighted her strength as as songwriter. At only nine songs long this collection of tracks takes the listener on a journey of self love while going through the motions of falling in love and experiencing heartbreak. 

Opening with the somber and soulful piano stylings of ‘So Bad’ she provocatively sings about her ex lover moving on and still needing her as only she can satisfy his needs. “You say you love her, but you need me so bad” she quips while also dropping candid truth bombs like “Does she know you like it in the morning? Know you cum without a warning?”. 

As soon as the chorus drops, a gritty and hard RNB beat takes over to level up the seductive vibes that this song embodies. Rolling into ‘Pedialyte’ she keeps the foundations of a strong RNB beat with a gospel influenced melody. 

‘Gold’ is one of the albums first pure highlights. The hopeful love track is all about that head over heels feeling you get when you first start falling for someone. It feels like pure gold and could be turned into a currency if it really wanted to be. “The way that you love me, love me, love me alone. You got that lovin’, like your lovin’ is gold” she sings. 

Following in it’s footsteps is the sexually charged ‘Think About You’ which is at the other end of the storyline spectrum. It’s set after you mess things up and go your seperate ways with your lover and you try to move on but you can’t stop thinking about them. 

“All my friends keep telling me I just need to fuck someone new. Whatever I, ever I do, I’m gonna, I’m gonna think of you. So if it seems like somebody took your spot, well that’s just not true. Whatever I, ever I do, I’m gonna, I’m gonna think of you” she croons. 

The soulful, honest and sexually charged vibe of this song is so empowering and real. She owns that she messed up and wishes that they would set aside their pride for a moment and give it another shot. The production is super simple but compliments the vibe of the song so well.

‘Comeback’ then turns the heat up with her most sexually driven song yet. It’s all about an ex lover and her rendezvousing and it’s SPICY. Joined by Tory Lanez and 30 Roc, she dives further in the RNB sonic and completely hones that vibe.

“Miss your loving so bad. You make me cum so fast. Yeah, and you know that. I’ma keep this on track. Glad we made a comeback” she admits. 

Stripping it all back to just a piano, strings and her vocals for ‘Don’t Talk Me Down’, her emotions are highlighted in a incredibly raw and vulnerable way. But it’s the guitar ballad ‘Small Things’ that really stands out and could be a potential future single for her as it has commercially friendly.

‘Good To Know’ is a strong collection of tracks that hears JoJo addressing her vulnerability in an open and transparent manner. It also hears her whole heartedly embracing her RNB roots like never before, which is so playful and empowering to hear.