SINGLE REVIEW: Glades – Vertigo

It’s been two years since Glades released their debut album ‘To Love You’ which was a bold collection of synth lead indie-pop songs that captivated a lot of heart and energy. 

In-between taking to stages across the world, the Sydney trio have been working hard on their highly anticipated sophomore record which is promised to be a even more experimental and bold affair than its predecessor. 

Giving fans the first taste of what is to came, lead single ‘Vertigo’ lives up to their experimental foundations in a even bolder way than done previously. 

Opening with a stripped back vocal only rendition of the chorus, they immediately grab your attention with this hypnotive production quality. Launching into a gritty and dark indie-pop beat, this song stays in the DIY realm by just keeping the structuring minimal. They don’t go overboard with saturating the sound with different elements and instead just focus on giving listeners this really captivating and moody moment. 

Written as a warning to a friend about the red flags we miss when we are blinded by love and infatuation, they tell him to stay clear of a particular girl. 

“Wherever she go, they be blessed. East, west they all gone to confess. But before you know you’re exactly where she wants. And then she starts to run” lead singer Karina Savage sings during the pre-chorus. 

At only 2:19 minutes long this is a pretty short lead single, but it works really well. It’s a track that grabs your attention immediately thanks to it’s dark and moody DIY layering and takes the listener for a sonical journey that isn’t as pop-polished as their debut record.