SINGLE REVIEW: Theia – 99% Angel

Theia is undeniably New Zealand’s PC-pop queen, but she’s ready bridge that gap and go a little 305 (that means worldwide if you don’t know Pitbull terms). 

Prepared to give you some fresh new tunes to add to her growing discography, she’s recently launched her ’99% Angel’ mixtape with the playful single ‘Kitty Kat’ along with the experimentally charged ‘Frat Boyz’ which was an edgier exploration of her DIY roots. 

But now she’s ready to unveil the title track ’90% Angel’ in all of it’s shiny and addictive glory. 

Portraying the dichotomy of angels and devils along with heaven and hell, she explores how they co-exist simultaneously in a way where they really need each other. We all love to show off our inner-angel when we first meet someone and want them to like us, but also like to then unravel our inner-devil and be a little mischievous 

“Ninety-nine percent angel. I’m the fairest of them all. Clip your wings and watch you fall. I’m ninety-nine percent angel” she proclaims during the opening moments of the chorus before adding “Ninety-nine percent angel. Devil in me might explode. Got diamonds on my halo. I’m ninety-nine percent angel”. 

Sassily addressing this concept, she provides playful lyrics that will have you immediately wanting to dance, sing and vogue you heart out to. While the production finds the sweet spot between polished and gritty as she delivers pop beats with experimental layers. 

It’s a very fun and engaging track that pokes a lot of fun and will have you embracing your inner angel and devil simultaneously.