SINGLE REVIEW: The 1975 – If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

Ahead of the release of their fourth studio album “Notes On A Conditional Form’ due to be released on May 22, the British indie-rockers have been playfully experimenting with their sonic and releasing music that they genuinely wanted to put out. 

From the angsty ‘People’ to the tender ‘Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America’ and the country influenced ‘The Birthday Party’, they have been giving you a range of different sonics with not a lot of cohesive motive except for the fact that the songs are about online observations. But also it’s The 1975 and they don’t play by pre-stipulated rules.  

The next single they’ve dropped is a bit of a homage to their old sound. The glossy ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) sounds like it’s come straight off their debut album with it’s indie pop-rock sensibility. 

Reflecting on infatuation, lead singer Matty Healy looks at getting naked with someone on FaceTime while chasing for a connection in whatever way it may be. 

“She said, maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes. I’m not playing with you, baby, I think that you should give it a go” he sings during the bright hook. 

Throwing in a saxophone solo for good measure, they don’t hold back from giving you that classic sound that you first fell in love with them for. 

Compared to the previous singles, this is the most instantly likeable and commercially friendly song so far. It’s just a feel good song about human connection in the most honest way possible.