SINGLE REVIEW: Nasty Cherry – Shoulda Known Better

After candidly introducing them to the world through their refreshing Netflix doco-series, they released their debut EP poignantly called ‘Season 1’ and have played to excited crowds across America and the UK. But the dynamic four piece have bigger plans for a global takeover and they have the perfect song to soundtrack that rise to fame. 

‘Shoulda Known Better’ is an anthemic pop-rock track that contains a nostalgic punch of brilliance within it’s production layers. 

Continuing the expansion of their experimental sonical palette, they take the foundations of what we expect from a Nasty Cherry track and elaborate with a deeper dive into the punk aesthetic. 

With a polished guitar loop, along with a synth and handclap beat, they cruise through the first verse before unleashing a charged drum beat that withholds a lot of energy behind it. Amping up the chorus, they have you ready to start a little riot in your bedroom and they collectively shout the lyrics. 

Reflecting on the repetitive simulation of life, they sing about being sick and tired of feeling the same way but continually falling for the same shit over and over again. 

“Eyes frog, crocodile tears. Take a shot cause I know that you’ll miss me. You’re a true deceiver. I should’ve known better, I should’ve known better, yeah’’. 

‘Shoulda Known Better’ is an anthemic track that spreads pure joy upon the first listen. It’s also by far their catchiest and strongest release yet, so get ready to get a little rowdy to this song.