SINGLE REVIEW: Joesef – The Sun Is Up Forever

Joesef is a rising star that you need to acquaint yourself with ASAP. The soulful tenderness of recent singles ‘Play Me Something Nice’ and ‘Loverboy’ have introduced him to listeners in a fluid and rather exciting way. 

Coming straight out of the gate with a sound that is authentically himself, the Glaswegian has based his artistry around the storytelling and the raw makeup of his sonic.  

His newest single ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’ is another breath of fresh air. Soaking itself in a dreamy aesthetic, the song finds a unique home somewhere between the production stylings of Tame Impala and Matt Corby. 

The soothing harmonies that collide during the dreamy melody is something that feels very angelic and adds a gospel-like layer to the sound. 

Matching the emotional production foundations with a storyline of hope and growth, Joesef reflects on how past relationships can affect you in every aspect of your life. Citing the tumultuous  relationship his mother had with his father, Josef offers an insight to her thoughts from her perspective as well as reflecting on his thoughts of how his relationship with his dad has affected him. 

“Found myself thinking about you. It doesn’t scare me like it used to do.The sky above a different blue. The rain it doesn’t cut right through” he sings during the second verse. 

Leaving the darkness of the past behind, he layers the sound with the soothing calmness of the future. Learning to grow from hurt, ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’ is a peaceful reminder of that.