Citing that his previous releases have been deeply rooted in a self-battle with anger and confusion, YUNGBLUD wants to start reflecting on the hopeful side of life and the in-between experiences of love and everything that just happens. 

‘Weird!’ is the first single from his forthcoming sophomore album and reflects on what he bluntly describes as the weirdest time in his life. 

Drawing a lot of similarities to how people are currently feeling in isolation, this song is an anthem for the current ages. Exploring fear and the anxiety attached to the unknown, he finds a hope inside of him that he learns to embrace. 

“Come hold my hand, hold it tight, we’re in a weird time of life. Don’t wreck your brain, it’ll be alright. We’re in a weird time of life” he proclaims during the anthemic hook. 

Layered with nostalgic and pulsating synths, the polished production is sonically lighter than his previous material. It’s energetic and still has his rock roots deeply implemented but has a more polished pop inspired heart. 

It’s a song that sounds like a early 2000’s Good Charlotte track but lyrically feels so relevant to the world we live in right now. It’s also a bold beginning to the new musical era for the British singer-songwriter.