SINGLE REVIEW: The Million – Check Up

After having a brief hiatus following the release of their debut EP ‘Hydration Station’ in 2017, The Million embarked on a journey of self-discovery to hone their sound and vision as a group. 

The Central Coast indie-pop trio returned in 2019 with the bold and anthemic ‘Somebody Better’ that not only embodied their vivd personality but also highlighted a sonical growth with a polished hook that is ready for festivals and live stages across the country. 

Continuing the beginning of new releases, ‘Check Up’ is a song that carries a unique energy that you will want to experience in a live space ASAP, well once we are allowed to anyways. 

But sonically this song is quite different to their previous releases. Instead of the straight up indie-pop euphoric embodiment of ‘Somebody Better’ and ‘Headcheck’, this song falls into a bit of a RNB lane. 

Injecting their indie pop-rock roots with a RNB inspired sonic, this song has a unique groove to it that will have you swaying and vibing accordingly. It’s smoother and directed towards a slightly down-tempo atmosphere, but still has it’s own unique energy at it’s heart. 

The track explores the inner-monologue of lead singer Jacob Thomas’s head where self-reflection and self-doubt were fighting each other. Questioning whether he was good enough and if he or the band were ever going to go anywhere, these darkening thoughts took over for a brief moment. 

“I try and tell me it’s alright, it’s alright’ he sings during the chorus before later elaborating in the second verse on the way his brain is wired. “If by chance we made it and we’re famous because we played hits on your playlist doesn’t change the way my brain is made, it’s one thing I can’t replace”. 

‘Check Up’ is a strong continuation of The Million’s evolution as a band and is another strong addition to your ISO playlists.