SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – I Should Probably Go To Therapy

There is such an unnecessary stigma surrounding going to therapy that feels so dated. It doesn’t mean your weak, it means you actually care about yourself and want to get better when you feel like you’re losing control. Sometimes all we need to do is vent our frustrations, insecurities, questions and feelings to someone that has no objective other than guidance. And I for one can say from person experience that it can be really rewarding. 

Embracing that sentiment, Nicole Millar has released a moody and slightly playful new track that is aptly titled ‘I Should Probably Go To Therapy’. 

After announcing the track on Thomas Bleach LIVE via Instagram on April 10, the singer-songwriter has unveiled the deeply relatable track to the world in a time where a lot of people may be feeling lost, confused and frustrated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Inspired by a time that she felt like no one was really listening to what she had to say and couldn’t trust people’s intentions around her, she opens up vulnerably while still intertwining a classic playful Nicole Millar twist. 

“I should probably go to therapy. Right now the whole world is vexing me. I should probably go to therapy. I let the little things get the best of me” she admits during the opening moments of the chorus. 

Diving into her thoughts a little deeper she admits; “I should probably sit with my thoughts. Spend more time on myself figuring out what I want. I should probably sit with my dogs, cause they’re the only ones I can trust”.

Mixing these candid thoughts with a moody and transcendent beat, she returns to the roots of her original dark introductory EP ‘Tremble’ and shows a growth in finding herself as an artist along the way. 

The pulsating dark beat has a trap quality to it that keeps a sonical momentum building and has you instantly vibing along with her. 

It’s a refined and mature sound that captivates you from the opening moments where she lays these honest thoughts with the listener and is honestly one of her strongest releases yet.